Advising and informing development in Uptown


Welcome friends!  Uptown Planners serves in an advisory role to the City of San Diego on topics related to land-use, development, and discretionary projects in the six neighborhoods of Uptown. Additionally, we provide a forum for public discussion of planning issues in Uptown. Our board and committee meetings welcome and are open to participation by all interested community members. We take suggestions for our agenda from residents, business owners, project applicants, and City staff who seek advice from the board as part of the City’s community planning process.

For more information about community planning groups, please visit the City of San Diego’s Planning Department website.

bracket-up-leftUpcoming Meetings

October 3, 6-9 PM – Regular Board Meeting | Joyce Beers Center

September 28, 6 – 9 pm – Plan Hillcrest (Ad  Hoc) | Joyce Beers Center
AGENDA | Chair: Stu McGraw

Plan Hillcrest Meetings and Updates

September 25, 5 pm – Election Committee (Ad Hoc)
Via Zoom (link in agenda)
AGENDA | Chair: Mary McKenzie

TBD – Design Review Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Patty Ducey-Brooks

TBD – Public Facilities Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Stu McGraw

TBD – Historic Resources Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Patty Ducey-Brooks

TBD – Operations & Outreach Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Lu Rehling