Board elections and voting

Uptown Planners holds an election for board positions most years in March.
For details (including election challenge info) reference our Bylaws.


Candidate Qualification

To be a candidate, an individual must be at least 18 years old and part of the Uptown community as one or more of the following:

  • someone whose primary residence is an address within the Uptown boundary; OR
  • a property owner, who is identified as the sole or partial owner of record, or their designee; OR
  • the owner, operator, or designee of a local business or nonprofit at a non-residential real property address within the Uptown boundary.

Proof of eligibility will be required.

Proof of Eligibility

If your primary residence is in Uptown, provide a photo ID showing your current address or other proof of primary residence (rental agreement, utility bill, etc.).

If you own real property, provide proof of sole or partial ownership of an address within Uptown (a title or deed in you or your trust’s name); or, if a legal entity, provide proof of ownership of that legal entity. A designee should provide a signed and dated letter of designation from the property owner. Note: Only one board member per property allowed.

If you are an owner, operator, or designee of a business or nonprofit at a non-residential address within Uptown, provide proof of ownership or operation (such as a business license). A designee also should provide a signed and dated letter of  designation from the owner or operator. Note: Only one board member per establishment allowed.

A post office address does not establish proof of eligibility.

How to Run for a Board Seat

Complete the Candidate Application Form, including all required attachments, and email it to the Chair of the Election Committee stating your desire to be a candidate for the election

Voter Qualification

Residents, business owners, and property owners may vote in the Uptown Planners election. To qualify to vote, one must show either a residential address (a license, utility bill, lease, or other proof of residency) or proof of property ownership (title, tax statement, etc.) in Uptown. Businesses or non-profit organizations located within Uptown also may cast one vote per business or non-profit organization upon showing proof of eligibility (business license, tax statement, utility bill, etc. and a signed letter of authorization).

Click the map at right to see the boundary of Uptown’s community plan area. →

What communities are within the Uptown planning area?

The map below shows the boundaries of Uptown Community Plan Area. The Uptown Community Plan Area is bounded on the north by the steep hillsides of Mission Valley, on the east by Park Boulevard and Balboa Park, and on the west and south by Old Town San Diego and Interstate 5.

The plan area and neighborhoods represented include: Bankers Hill/Park West, Middletown/Five Points, Mission Hills, the Medical Complex, Hillcrest, and University Heights neighborhoods.

map showing boundaries of the Uptown Community Plan Area

Meeting Location

The Board meets the 1st Tuesday of every month (except January and July). We typically meet at the Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St, San Diego (located just east of the Trader Joe’s store in The Hub). Special meetings may be held at other venues located in Uptown. Committee meetings are held in other accessible public spaces such as the Mission Hills-Hillcrest Knox Library, 215 W. Washington St, San Diego. All meetings are posted on the Uptown Planners website at least 72 hours in advance.

Please contact the board chair via our contact form if you have any special requests or needs for a meeting.