Sharing your views

This information is to help community members participate in both our monthly board meetings as well as our subcommittees. Uptown Planners seeks to make our community planning process as accessible, transparent and engaging as possible.

Meeting Participation

Members of the public are encouraged to attend both our board meetings as well as our committee meetings. Members of the public may speak during the non-agenda comment portion of each meeting. Public comment can also be taken on agenda items at the chair’s discretion.

When you arrive at one of our meetings, you may wish to sign the sign-in sheet to assist in listing attendees in the Minutes. (Signing-in is optional, though the sign-in sheet is used during elections to establish eligibility to run for a seat.). NOTE: When meeting via Zoom, if your screen  name is not your actual name, sign in using the Chat feature.

Those wishing to provide written comments on agenda items to the entire board for its review prior to a meeting are asked to email them to the board chairperson using the Uptown Planners contact form.

Public comment sheets may be available at meetings to help the board recognize speakers and record their interest.

See the next section, Meeting Location Details, for specific location information and updates.

bracket-up-leftUpcoming Meetings

April 4, 2023 – Board Meeting
6 – 9 pm, Joyce Beers Center

TBD – Plan Hillcrest (Ad  Hoc)
AGENDA | Chair: Roy Dahl

Plan Hillcrest Meetings and Updates

TBD – Election Committee (Ad Hoc)
AGENDA | Chair: Mary McKenzie

TBD – Design Review Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Patty Ducey-Brooks

TBD – Public Facilities Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Stu McGraw

TBD – Historic Resources Committee
AGENDA | Chair: Patty Ducey-Brooks

TBD – Operations & Outreach Committee
AGENDA  | Chair: Lu Rehling

Our Committees

Committees of the Uptown Planners are working committees. Our committees perform a helpful role in clarifying issues, going through details, allowing fuller discussion on topics, and preparing recommendations for action to the full board. Committees assist our board by allowing it to focus on decision-making within the limited amount of time each month during which the full board is seated.

Uptown Planners maintains four standing committees: Design Review, Public Facilities, Historic Resources, and Operations & Outreach. The board from time to time also creates special purpose (or “ad hoc”) subcommittees. Members of the public are welcome to attend and participate in our committee meetings. Committee chairs place notices about meeting times and location on our website 72 hours in advance. And we do our best to share these notices via social media. If you wish to contact a committee chair directly, please send a message to our board chair using our contact form.

bracket-up-leftCommittee Membership

Plan Hillcrest Committee (Ad Hoc)  – Chair: Roy Dahl
Members: Gail Friedt, Brer Marsh, Mary McKenzie, Lu Rehling, Mat Wahlstrom

Election Committee (Ad Hoc)  – Chair:  Mary McKenzie
Members: Matt Brown, Mary Brown, Chris Cole, Stu McGraw

Design Review Committee – Chair:  Patty Ducey-Brooks
Members: Mary Brown, Chris Cole, Lu Rehling

Public Facilities Committee – Chair:  Stu McGraw
Members: Mary Brown, Brer Marsh, Mary McKenzie, Lu Rehling

Historic Resources Committee – Chair: Patty Ducey-Brooks
Members: Mary Brown, Stu McGraw, Lu Rehling

Operations & Outreach Committee – Chair: Lu Rehling
Members: Matt Brown, Stu McGraw, Mary McKenzie

Meeting Location

The Board meets the 1st Tuesday of every month (except January and July). We typically meet at the Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St, San Diego (located just east of the Trader Joe’s store in The Hub). Special meetings may be held at other venues located in Uptown. Committee meetings are held in other accessible public spaces such as the Mission Hills-Hillcrest Knox Library, 215 W. Washington St, San Diego. All meetings are posted on the Uptown Planners website at least 72 hours in advance.

NOTE: When meetings are held via Zoom, instructions for joining will be included with the meeting agenda.

Please contact the board chair via our contact form if you have any special requests or needs for a meeting.