Reference material aboutcommunity planning in Uptown

Here are some links to documents and websites frequently referenced by Community Planning Group (CPG) board members, city staff, developers, and citizens who have questions or concerns about land use and housing issues. This reference page is not intended to be exhaustive. For updates and additional information, you also may want to consult official websites (such as, as well as the websites of other local community organizations, advocacy groups, and media outlets.

bracket-up-leftOther material

City CPG Resources
Community Planners Committee (CPC is forum for all CPGs on citywide issues)
City Council Policy 600-24 (2022 amended policy that governs CPGs)
Guidelines for Implementing Policy 600-24 (2015 but still applies, except when contradicts 2022 amendment)
Guideline for CPG budgets (Planning Department, 2018)
Policy and procedure for resolving complaints against CPGs (Planning Department, 2024)
Brown Act video (22-minute training overview)
Meeting disruption and teleconferencing amendments to Brown Act (MS 59, City Attorney, 2022)
Guidance for in-person CPG meetings (Planning Department, 2023)
Roberts Rules of Order and RRO “Cheat Sheet”

Municipal Code (Chapter 14: land use and housing)
Zoning Grid Map (Uptown: Grids 15, 18, & 19)
Base Zone Guide

Parks Master Plan (2021)
Citizens Guide to Infrastructure
SANDAG Regional Plan (2021)
SANDAG Past & Future Planning
Uptown Capital Improvement Project Requests: 2023, 2021, 2019, 2017